2016-02-02 · 5 minutes

Story: Aidan Doyle
Art: Aidan Doyle

Words have power.

A robot is sent to deal with an outbreak of poetry in Tokyo.

05+ min - Micro / Sci-Fi / Single / Text-Based

2016-01-05 · 15 minutes

Story: Chandler Groover
Art: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi

One does not disobey the emperor.

A samurai explores a haunted shrine.

10+ min - Milli / Horror / Text-Based

2016-01-19 · 10 minutes

Story: Cat Manning
Art: Kerstin Hall

A young woman is stalked by a deadly creature intent on devouring either her body or her memories.

At the end of the world, something's coming for you.

10+ min - Milli / Multiple / Sci-Fi / Text-Based


2015-12-01 · 10 minutes

Story: Bruno Dias

Don’t look back.

A man heads into hell to seek out his lost lover; there he has to decide how much of himself to leave behind.

10+ min - Milli / Fantasy / Multiple / Text-Based

2015-12-08 · 15 minutes

Story: Caleb Wilson

Be a dear, lieutenant: fix me a drink.

The last two officers of a tropical colonial outpost wait for evacuation.

10+ min - Milli / Horror / Multiple / Text-Based


2015-12-15 · 2 minutes

Story: Dum-Dum (John Kendall)
Interactivity: sub-Q

Laugh, you miserable sinner!

Warm wishes, lowered expectations.

00+ min - Nano / All Ages / Single / Text-Based


2015-12-31 · 4 minutes

Story: Alice Ruth Moore

Le roi est mort. Vive, vive le roi!

Sing high the welcome to the New Year's morn!

00+ min - Nano / Single / Text-Based


2015-11-03 · 10 minutes

Story: Ryan Veeder

Gone but not forgotten.

The first person to encounter the tomb of Apepsikret may be the last.

10+ min - Milli / Horror / Multiple / Text-Based


2015-11-10 · 5 minutes

Story: Hannah Powell-Smith

She doesn't know if she wants to punch you or kiss you or eat you.

In the desert, two violent girls on the run make bad decisions.

05+ min - Micro / Multiple / Mystery / Text-Based

2015-11-17 · 10 minutes

Story: Adam Cadre
Art: Adam Cadre

You've never screwed up on the job like this.

When you wake to a furious phone call, you'd better clear out fast.

10+ min - Milli / Mystery / Single / Text-Based


2015-11-24 · 5 minutes

Story: Yehuda Amichai
Interactivity: sub-Q

Ecclesiastes was wrong about that.

A man doesn't have time in his life/to have time for everything.

00+ min - Nano / 05+ min - Micro / Non-Fiction / Single / Text-Based


2015-10-06 · 7 minutes

Story: anna anthropy
Art: sub-Q with Andrea Corbin

Witch outfit to wear?

Time to get up! You've got business to attend in the world of humans. What are you possibly going to wear?

05+ min - Micro / Fantasy / Multiple / Text-Based


June 2018 – Table of Contents

June 5th, 2018 by

As an author and avid reader of prose fiction as well as the interactive kind, I often wonder what it is about the two media that makes them so engrossing. For me, at least, one of the key elements of interactive fiction is how it involves the reader in the tale it’s telling. The best […]


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Author Guest Post: Hannah Powell-Smith

April 24th, 2018 by

Hannah Powell-Smith‘s interactive work focuses on fraught relationships, unreliability, and unknowable entities. As well as publishing interactive short stories in sub-Q, and self-publishing at hannahps.itch.io, she is developing a dark fantasy game with Choice of Games about a mob necromancer. She lives in the UK with her wife and son. In this post, she talks […]


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Making Interactive Fiction: Narrative Design for Writers (part 1)

June 12th, 2018 by

This is part one of a two-part series about narrative design aimed at traditional-media writers and IF authors. First things first: What is narrative design? The real answer is that the role of “narrative designer” is relatively new in the games industry and has something of a fluid or even vague meaning. Different teams will […]


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“The Space Under the Window” and the Promise of Interactive Poetry

May 29th, 2018 by

Released in 1997, Andrew Plotkin’s “The Space Under the Window” (“Space”) was a groundbreaking, unclassifiable work of interactive fiction, the impact of which is still felt today. Many consider it a work of “poetic” IF, or poetry outright, but what does that mean? Is poetry a quality of language, interaction, or both? The work itself […]


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