2015-11-03 · 10 minutes

Story: Ryan Veeder

Gone but not forgotten.

The first person to encounter the tomb of Apepsikret may be the last.

10+ min - Milli / Horror / Multiple / Text-Based


2015-11-10 · 5 minutes

Story: Hannah Powell-Smith

She doesn't know if she wants to punch you or kiss you or eat you.

In the desert, two violent girls on the run make bad decisions.

05+ min - Micro / Multiple / Mystery / Text-Based

2015-11-17 · 10 minutes

Story: Adam Cadre
Art: Adam Cadre

You've never screwed up on the job like this.

When you wake to a furious phone call, you'd better clear out fast.

10+ min - Milli / Mystery / Single / Text-Based


2015-11-24 · 5 minutes

Story: Yehuda Amichai
Interactivity: sub-Q

Ecclesiastes was wrong about that.

A man doesn't have time in his life/to have time for everything.

00+ min - Nano / 05+ min - Micro / Non-Fiction / Single / Text-Based


2015-10-06 · 7 minutes

Story: anna anthropy
Art: sub-Q with Andrea Corbin

Witch outfit to wear?

Time to get up! You've got business to attend in the world of humans. What are you possibly going to wear?

05+ min - Micro / Fantasy / Multiple / Text-Based


2015-10-13 · 12 minutes

Story: Gertrude Atherton
Art: Elena Distefano, interiors by Tory Hoke
Interactivity: sub-Q

Some souls can't be separated.

When his friend vanishes during a hunting trip, a young man tracks him down through their unusual connection.

10+ min - Milli / Horror / Sequential Art / Single / Text-Based


2015-10-20 · 8 minutes

Story: Chandler Groover

Scratch, scratch.

Alone in his cabin, a hungry man eats something he shouldn't.

05+ min - Micro / Horror / Single / Text-Based


2015-10-27 · 15 minutes

Story: Autumn Nicole Bradley

Always trust your Administratrix.

Willing but unwitting, one citizen experiences the new possibilities of kink in a transhuman cyborg future.

10+ min - Milli / Mature / Sci-Fi / Single / Text-Based


2015-09-01 · 8 minutes

Story: Natalia Theodoridou
Interactivity: Natalia Theodoridou

What happens to dreams if no one sleeps?

Humans have stopped sleeping. In nightclubs, helplines, and 24/7 diners, people look for a way to dream.

05+ min - Micro / Multiple / Sci-Fi / Text-Based


2015-09-15 · 10 minutes

Story: Bruno Dias
Interactivity: Bruno Dias

An interactive convalescence.

A prince and his courtiers retreat to his palace to hide from a deadly plague. (From E. A. Poe's "The Masque of the Red Death")

10+ min - Milli / Horror / Multiple / Text-Based


2015-09-22 · 8 minutes

Story: Chikodili Emelumadu
Art: Onyinye Iwu
Interactivity: Tory Hoke

She finds you, and she won’t let go.

Two women hire a private investigator to trail their erring husbands.

05+ min - Micro / Fantasy / Horror / Mature / Single / Text-Based


2015-09-29 · 7 minutes

Story: Michael Lutz
Art: Cover photo by Jessamyn West. Used with permission.
Interactivity: Michael Lutz

A tall tale.

A young girl's father starts digging in the basement... and never stops.

05+ min - Micro / All Ages / Horror / Single / Text-Based


Changing of the Guard: Welcome new Editor-In-Chief Devi Acharya

August 7th, 2017 by

Hello, sub-Q readers. I hope you are all well and having a peaceful and productive summer. As sub-Q Magazine enters its third year, I’ve taken a job that has left me without the discretionary time it takes to keep submissions flowing and new stories publishing. That’s why I hope you will join me in welcoming Devi […]


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Author Interview: Natalia Theodoridou

December 8th, 2016 by

Natalia Theodoridou is the author of this week’s story, “The Tunnel.” She is a Media & Cultural Studies scholar based in the United Kingdom. Her strange stories have appeared in Clarkesworld, Apex, Shimmer, and elsewhere. Occasionally, she tweets as @natalia_theodor. This interview was conducted in November 2016 via email. Kerstin Hall: “The Tunnel” is your […]


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Behind the Scenes Prospero sub-Q Bruno Dias

Behind the Scenes: Prospero

September 17th, 2015 by

“Prospero”, which sub-Q published earlier this week, was written using a relatively new tool called Raconteur. Raconteur is a library of tools that wraps and extends Undum, an engine for writing choice-based and cybertext interactive fiction using plain JavaScript. Raconteur supplies a toolchain and CoffeeScript-targeted API for Undum, which is meant to hugely accelerate the process […]


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