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You have plenty of demands on your time and money. Why spend either of them on sub-Q?

Some magazines ask you to pay for content. We believe interactive fiction should stay accessible and free.

Some magazines ask you to donate out of the goodness of your heart. We’re sure your heart is very good. We don’t need you to prove it.

If you support us with your money, time, and enthusiasm, we’ll support you with rewards.

Level Up

When you participate in sub-Q, you earn secret points. When you earn a certain number of points, you go up a level. Your level is reflected in an achievement badge.

  • sub-Q Membership Level 1 Hydrogen Level 1, Hydrogen (guest)
  • sub-Q Membership Level 2 Helium Level 2, Helium (registered member)
  • sub-Q Membership Level 3 Lithium Level 3, Lithium
  • sub-Q Membership Level 4 Beryllium Level 4, Beryllium
  • sub-Q Membership Level 5 Boron Level 5, Boron
    • You earn points when you

      And other activities to be announced.

      You can do any one of these actions or a combination. We appreciate it all, and it all counts.

      Unlock Achievements

      In addition to your level, you earn badges when you

      And other surprising things.

      Get Rewards

      Your contributions matter. When you support us, we support you back.

      • Your current badges appear whenever you log in.
      • If you supported us financially, you see a running total of the prose, interactivity, or art your support paid for.
      • Your current badges also appear alongside each of your comments.
      • Registered members are able to rate stories, as well as keep a list of favorites.
      • Premium members receive sneak peeks, special features, and other sidebar surprises—plus access to an exclusive online lounge for discussion, collaboration, and critiques.
      • Your registration and/or puzzle participation can qualify you for other random prize drawings. (There is no purchase necessary to be a part of a random prize drawing.)

      Register today. Become a part of the only literary magazine that pays you back.

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