Who We Are

sub-Q is an interactive magazine for interactive fiction.

Our Mission

We seek to promote all forms of interactive fiction (IF) by

    1. Increasing the visibility of IF
    2. Growing the market for short- and long-form works
    3. Supporting the development of open platforms
    4. Compensating content creators

We are always happy to see work from creators of color, from the QUILTBAG community, with disabilities, or from any other group. Intersectionality welcome. Internationality welcome.

Our Content

sub-Q releases a work of interactive fiction on the third Tuesday of every month.

We publish original and reprint interactive works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird tales, magic realism, and mash-ups.

We want smart, fun, and unexpected. Send us your stuff!

Our Business Model

Like a public podcast, we rely on sponsorships and member support. You can also subscribe to our Patreon.

Our survival depends on you!

Our Staff

Tory Hoke bio

Publisher/CTO Tory Hoke
Tory writes, draws, and codes in Los Angeles. Her fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Drabblecast, and Pseudopod; her art, in Apex, Spellbound, and Strange Horizons, where she also serves as art director. Blog | Twitter.

Stewart C. Baker EIC sub-Q Magazine

Editor-in-Chief Stewart C Baker
Stewart is a speculative fiction author and poet, academic librarian, and occasional haikuist, with a background in Monkey Island, web programming, and endless games of Nethack. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, and he has lived in England, South Carolina, Japan, and L.A. Stewart currently makes his home in Oregon with his wife and kids.

Devi bio photo

Interactivity Editor Devi Acharya
Devi works on games and interactive media projects using writing, design, art, and code. You can check out her work at devi-a.com.

PJ Anthony Bio photo sub-Q staff

Editor PJ Anthony
Coder. Gamer. Reader. Writer. Rocks an inscrutable poker face. Believes through art, a world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all is possible. @proseninja

Nicole Delcore bio photo staff sub-Q
Editor Nicole Delcore
Nicole is a native of veryfarupstatenoevenfurtherupstatethanthat New York and attends Tufts University. She writes poetry for a living and makes burritos at Chipotle for fun—wait a minute; strike that, reverse it. Her interests include playgrounds, dogs, and dyeing her hair unnatural colors. Twitter


First Reader Gail Marsella
Gail Marsella teaches chemistry at the college level and writes SF on the side.

First Reader Jeremy Gottwig
Jeremy is a librarian and a programmer, formally for the NASA Goddard Library and now at the University of Maryland. Although he worries that waking at 4:00am every day to write fiction is striking minutes from his life, he continues to do so. Jeremy lives in Baltimore with his wife and son.

All positions at sub-Q are unpaid, volunteer, and at-will.

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