August 2020 Issue

From the Editor

August 1st, 2020 by Stewart C Baker
Well, here it is. sub-Q’s last issue (at least for the foreseeable future).

In addition to our wonderful cover from Laura de Stefani, we bring you this month “Compassionate Simulation” by Rachel Swirsky, P H Lee, and Aster Fialla, and “The Bone Poet and God” by Matt Dovey.”

Both pieces (one dark, the other light) were previously published as static/prose short fiction, which seems an appropriate way to cap off sub-Q’s 5 years. I hope you enjoy them!

And, one final time: thank you from all of us here at sub-Q for your support and love over the years. You’re what kept us going, readers!

A person floats behind painting frames, their visible pieces differing in each painting
“Whatever you want me to be” by Laura De Stefani
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Issue Contents

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Whatever you want me to be

by Laura De Stefani
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Compassionate Simulation

by Rachel Swirsky, P H Lee, and Aster Fialla
—our company mission to provide grieving families with accurate, compassionate simulations of their deceased loved ones—
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The Bone Poet and God

by Matt Dovey
Who are you really, deep in your bones?
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