sub-Q is currently seeking:

First Readers

First readers are a core part of sub-Q’s editorial team, reading new submissions from authors and giving them an up-vote or down-vote, with any thoughts they might have. Submissions which receive enough up-votes are passed along to our editors. Being a first reader is a great way to see what others are doing with interactive fiction, and to learn what makes a piece of IF successful–and what doesn’t.

Currently, sub-Q has several open submission periods a year of about a month each. During these periods, first readers:

  • Play through anonymized submissions
  • Leave comments for the editors about submissions
  • Vote submissions up or down

All submissions are handled anonymously through our Submittable account. Because our submission process is anonymous, first readers are still eligible to submit to the magazine.

 Fundraising Coordinator

  • Manage our Patreon
  • Organize and deliver subscriber benefits
  • Coordinate other fundraising opportunities as they arise

Interested? Email your experience, goals, and questions to stewart@sub-q.com with the subject line POSITION QUERY: [your position of interest].

Positions with sub-Q are unpaid. Commitment hours and alternative compensation can be discussed.

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