sub-Q is currently seeking:


  • Participate in selecting fiction
  • Perform proofreading/quality assurance
  • Two to three times per year, work directly with an author on revising, proofing, and play-testing accepted stories
  • Two to three times per year, prepare accepted stories for publication on our website

Outreach/Marketing Coordinator

  • Manage our Twitter, Facebook, and other relevant social media accounts
  • Engage in outreach to underrepresented groups, educators, and other groups
  • Submit published work for award consideration

 Fundraising Coordinator

  • Manage our Patreon
  • Organize and deliver subscriber benefits
  • Coordinate other fundraising opportunities as they arise

Interested? Email your experience, goals, and questions to stewart@sub-q.com with the subject line POSITION QUERY: [your position of interest].

Positions with sub-Q are unpaid. Commitment hours and alternative compensation can be discussed.

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