What is sub-Q?

sub-Q is an interactive magazine for interactive fiction. This 90-second video demonstrates how we work:

Our Mission

We seek to promote all forms of interactive fiction by

  1. Increasing the visibility of IF
  2. Growing the market for short- and long-form works
  3. Supporting the development of open platforms
  4. Compensating content creators

We encourage work from creators of color, creators from the QUILTBAG community, and creators with disabilities. Intersectionality welcome. Internationality welcome.

Our Content

We publish original and reprint works of science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird tales, magic realism, and mash-ups.

We release a work of interactive fiction on the third Tuesday of every month, with essays, reviews, interviews, and other contents on the other weeks.

We want smart, fun, and unexpected.

Our Business Model

Like a public podcast, we rely on sponsorships and member support. You can also subscribe to our Patreon. Our survival depends on you.

Want to Know More?

  • Who We Are explains more about our goals, our staff, and our process.
  • Our FAQ may answer some of your other questions.
  • Our submissions page has our latest submissions guidelines and Submittable link.
  • Ideas & Resources has more information about IF and how to get started creating.
  • Positions explains how to join our team.
  • If you’d like to advertise with sub-Q, sponsor us.
  • Questions not answered here? Reach out via our contact form.
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