In order to make sure this page has zero lies, detailed documentation about sqTwineSound lives in its project page on github.

Based on sound macros by Leon Arnott of Glorious Trainwrecks, this suite adds

  • story-wide volume control
  • individual clip volume control
  • individual clip fade/crossfade duration control
  • seamless loop (with crossfade)
  • extensive code comments

Want to know what the heck this means? Check out the demo!


    • list of what macros there are and what parameters they take
    • any known issues with the script
    • bonus features
  • sqTwineSound_sugarcube.js: The main macros, ready to plug into a project of the Sugarcube story format
  • sqTwineSound_sugarcane_jonah.js: The Sugarcane- and Jonah-friendly flavor of the macros, ready to plug into a project of one of those story formats
  • sqTwineSound_demo.html
  • sqTwineSound_demo.tws: The Twine project of the demo, with tidy passage map goodness
  • Audio files: If you download the demo, download these and put them in the same directory to enjoy delicious playback

Attention has been paid to making the macros intuitive to use. For details, please see the “Bonus Features” section of the README.

I hope you enjoy the macros! If you run into any trouble, visit our Q & A. If you’d like to see a feature added, request one here.

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