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    The mission of sub-Q Magazine is to pull down the wall between writing fiction and writing code by

    1) Supporting the development of an open platform for enhanced fiction.
    2) Growing the market for short- and long-form enhanced fiction.

    What else can we do to achieve our goal?

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    Twine is super fantastic. sub-Q is fabulous.

    Any plans for packaging sub-Q submissions as mobile apps? sub-Q obtains and holds licenses to publish to Google Play, Apple Store, and (maybe) Steam (not sure how Steam works, really). Then revenue share between author and publisher ala Choice of Games or Inkle or Tin Man Games?

    Yes/No/Your pancakes are too ambitious.

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    Thank you! And very heard–mobile app is a direction we’d very much like to go.

    There’s a plan to release a version of the sub-Q site itself as a mobile app, which users can read stories from (and use site-based goodies like applause and save slots). Google/Apple takes 30% of sales, so would probably not attempt to be part of either “store” until the pie was bigger, so to speak. However an app need not be available in a store to be shared.

    But those pancakes are ambitiously delicious.

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