sub-Q familiar unspecified

Let’s try something new.

As a reward to our Premium Members, we’re offering you the chance to choose some small creature for your sidebar. Your chosen “familiar” will quietly offer you the latest links to Premium content and other odds and ends of interest.

These creatures are Not Quite Right, and that’s what makes them good company.

To choose your familiar:

1) Log in and visit your profile

sub-Q familiar user profile visit

2) Click “Edit Profile”

sub-Q Edit user profile

3) Scroll down to the “Familiar” option

sub-Q familiar choose options

Experiment! See which one you like.

While you’re at your user profile, you may be interested in filling out other details. Details are visible only to other logged-in users. You may also choose to make any field completely private. Your email address is always private.

Premium Members: Let us know how this treats you, and what else you might like to see as part of your Premium experience. We appreciate your support, and we count on it.

Other Readers: Consider going Premium! We need readers like you to keep us alive. If you like what we do, show your support. We have so much yet to do.

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