A Note on sub-Q’s Eligibility for the 2019 Hugo Awards

2019-03-06 · by Stewart C Baker
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The nomination period for the 2019 Hugo awards is well underway, and those of us at sub-Q thought it might be helpful if we made a little post about our eligibility as a magazine.

1. sub-Q Magazine is eligible for the Best Semiprozine award. (We have a high enough circulation and we pay contributors.) Unless something changes, that’s likely to be true in future years as well. We will keep you posted!

2. You can find a list of original interactive fiction we published last year in this post: https://sub-q.com/sub-qs-2018-in-review/ Each of the pieces of fiction we published in 2018 is a short story (under 7500 words) as well as being interactive fiction, so they’re all eligible for the Best Short Story award.

3. In addition to fiction, the post above lists all the non-fiction we published in 2018 (we had a regular column written by Bruno Dias in 2018 and several essays by Anya Johanna DeNiro). Each of these essays is eligible for the Best Related Work award.

4. We put out more than 4 issues of the magazine a year, so our editors are eligible for the Best Editor (Short Form) award. Our editors in 2018 were Stewart C Baker, Devi Acharya, PJ Anthony, and Natalia Theodoridou. Although Stewart is editor-in-chief, all of our editors work hard for each issue of the magazine, both in the selection of content and in working with authors to make final changes to pieces we select, so all of them should–in our opinion–be eligible.

Finally, we want to be very clear that we’re not trying to buy/encourage votes for sub-Q with any of this.

Vote for what you love! If that’s not us, we totally understand.

And a final final note on eligibility, from the Hugo awards website:

The 2019/1944 Hugo Awards are administered by the Hugo Awards Administration Subcommittee of Dublin 2019, and all decisions regarding the eligibility of works and the administration of nominations are exclusively the committee’s responsibility.

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