April 2018 – Table of Contents

2018-04-03 · by Stewart C Baker
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Perhaps it’s just my upbringing in England and current residence in Oregon, but I’ve always associated Spring with rain.

Another thing that’s associated with Spring in some folklore traditions are certain types of fairy. In pre-Roman Spain, for instance, the Cantabrian people believed that on the night of the Spring Equinox, small female fairies called Anjana gathered in mountain fields and danced until dawn, and were thought to bring protection and happiness (source).

This month’s story, “Nine Moments in Fairyland” by Hannah Powell-Smith, takes a more ambiguous view of the fair folk. In it, a catastrophe attracts a creature of shards and splinters. What will nine moments in Fairyland do to you? Find out when the story is published on April 17th—or subscribe to our Patreon for access now.

Next week, Bruno Dias will continue his regular column about making Interactive Fiction. This month, he’ll tackle the issue of how to handle feedback on your work. That will go live on April 10th, so keep an eye out!

And on April 24th, we’ll have a guest post from Hannah Powell-Smith to round out the month’s content.

Whatever the weather’s like where you are (and boy do I need to find a new opener for these posts), I hope you enjoy what we have on offer here at sub-Q.

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