Are You Tenacious?

2015-08-05 · by sub-Q
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Looks like a caching issue yesterday might have been keeping people from going Premium—including newsletter subscribers hoping to use try out their month of free Premium Membership.

The issue has been fixed, and you deserve a little something for giving it another go.

For a limited time, sign up and Go Premium, and we’ll give you a bonus Tenacious achievement badge for the life of that membership.

sub-Q user badge tenacious

Good for authors, programmers, early adopters, and anyone else with a backup can of elbow grease.

In addition, while our “First Ten” registered users have already been accounted for, you could be one of our “First Hundred”—with matching achievement:

sub-Q user badge first hundred

You can find out more about our badges and levels here.

Register today. Become a part of the only literary magazine that pays you back.

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