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2018-08-07 · by Stewart C Baker
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The innate nature of humanity is a topic that’s as old as thought.

In Warring States China, for example, Mengzi held that human nature—while innately good—was corruptible by society, while Xunzi argued that society was the only thing which taught good behaviour in the first place. (Xunzi, ever the optimist, also thought that people had to decide to improve their nature on their own, and that it was pretty unlikely this would ever happen.)

Even today, a good 2300 years later, the relationship between how a person acts and their place(s) in society is hotly debated.

Even if this is something you’ve never thought about, this month’s game, “John Kills Jenny” by Sunyi Dean—which would make old Xunzi proud—will have you looking at that half-empty glass in a whole new light.

Here’s our schedule for August:

August 14thBruno Dias gets technical with a column on mechanically building scenes in a branching narrative. (Regular readers may notice a slightly longer column—we’ve upped our non-fiction wordcount to bring you more good stuff!)

August 21st – Our August game, “John Kills Jenny” by Sunyi Dean, hits the virtual streets.

August 28th – Sunyi gives us the inside scoop on this month’s game, free will and destiny, and other fascinating topics in our monthly author interview.

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