Behind the Scenes: Prospero

2015-09-17 · by Bruno Dias
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Behind the Scenes Prospero sub-Q Bruno Dias

“Prospero”, which sub-Q published earlier this week, was written using a relatively new tool called Raconteur. Raconteur is a library of tools that wraps and extends Undum, an engine for writing choice-based and cybertext interactive fiction using plain JavaScript. Raconteur supplies a toolchain and CoffeeScript-targeted API for Undum, which is meant to hugely accelerate the process of writing Undum stories.

For a while now, Raconteur has lacked a full code example. “Prospero” is just about the right length for it, and sub-Q has graciously agreed to publish the full source code. The story file for “Prospero” is about 871 lines long and contains all of the unique story text and logic.

You can find out more about Raconteur, including documentation and tutorials to help you start writing with it, on the Raconteur website.

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