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2015-11-13 · by Devi Acharya
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Are you a seeker of the strange, a finder of the fantastic, a bringer of the bizarre? There’s a long list of interactive fiction that deserves a fresh audience. If you know a title that should be on that list, we want to hear it.

Friday Finds—a new review segment we’re starting this month—is going to bring you the best of 30+ years of IF. Bring us the buried work of parser fiction you’re sure no one else has seen, the Twine that didn’t make the cut at Ectocomp, the stunning visual novel that blows your mind every time you read it. If you’re psyched about it, then we will be, too.

Going forward, we’ll be showcasing your recommendations every Friday we can. Tell us what pieces have inspired you, intrigued you, or just plain entertained you. We’ll turn your recommendations into reviews to post on sub-Q‘s blog.

If you have a story recommendation, Tweet us a link to the piece @subQmag with the #fridayfinds, and add #subQreviewer if you’d like to write the review yourself.

If we like your rec, and you’ve offered yourself as a reviewer, we’ll reach out for a review: how you found the story, how it affected you, and what about it kept you turning the page (or typing on the keyboard, or clicking the mouse). We’ll take songs of praise, in-depth analysis, or whatever else you care to share.

If you’d like to write a review but don’t have a piece in mind, Tweet your interest plus a link to your site or CV @subQmag with the #subQreviewer, and, if we think you’re a fit, we’ll work on pairing you with a piece suggested by others in the sub-Q community. It’ll be the ultimate text adventure.

If you’d like to write on spec, you are welcome to submit completed reviews through our Submittable portal.

We pay $0.03/word USD for reviews. For details, visit our submission guidelines.

We look forward to seeing what you have to recommend!

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