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Wait. Loot? Yes, loot. Because nothing thrills our adventuring heart like loot sparkles.

On this site, whenever you encounter the sparkles like the ones below, click them for a piece top secret super surprise limited-time-only loot!

loot sparkles sample sub-Q

Some of you have already scooped some up. This fills us with giggling glee. (You have to be logged in to collect loot. Hope that is OK.)

loot navigation bar

Once you find some, your loot collection will look like this:

sample sub-Q loot

Why collect it?

  • You never know when you might be called to adventure. Best to have your bag packed.
  • Some of it may lead to real world rewards. We like giving stuff away, and this is an awful handy way to do that.
  • The loot you collect appears under this link in your user bar.

As you read our stories, tutorials, and interviews, keep your eyes peeled! No telling where some might be.

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