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2018-03-06 · by Stewart C Baker
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It’s starting to feel like spring here in the Pacific Northwest, but we still get cold weather overnight, and sometimes in the mornings the landscape seems to shimmer with a fine layer of frost that suggests an otherworldly influence.

Which makes this the perfect month to release¬†“Lost Ones” by Jac Colvin, a game with a definite supernatural chill lurking beneath its shimmering prose.

“Lost Ones” is an eerie, atmospheric take on the Rusalka, Slavic water nymphs whose intentions could be downright murderous. In “Lost Ones”, you’ll pit your wits and desperation against one.¬†But something about this particular Rusalka is familiar… who is it she reminds you of? A lover, a friend, someone you jilted?

Play it on March 20th and find out, or subscribe to our Patreon for early access right now.

And be sure to keep an eye out for our author interview with Jac on March 27th, as well, where she chats with editor Devi Acharya about folklore, interactive fiction, and her plans for the future.

In addition to “Lost Ones” and our author interview, we’ll have the second in Bruno Dias’s “Making Interactive Fiction” column next Tuesday, March 13th.

Thanks for reading–and stay warm out there!


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