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2018-05-01 · by Stewart C Baker
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Here at sub-Q, we’re no stranger to authors using technologies in novel ways. We’re also pretty good at trouble-shooting when things go wrong in a submission, or when one doesn’t play nice with a particular web browser.

Still, with wearables, embedded RFIDs, and self-driving cars in the news these past few years, it’s sometimes hard for us hard to escape the idea that we’re on the cusp of living in the actual future. All these technological gadgets are a lot of fun, of course, and—when used responsibly—they really can improve people’s quality of life and cut down on drudgery.

But we’re publishers of Interactive Fiction! We don’t want responsible (at least, not in our fiction. Not always.). We want daring, we want strange, we want to examine the things that could go wrong, and how people deal with the aftermath.

Which is why we were thrilled when this month’s game, “Human Errors” by Katherine Morayati, came through our submissions queue. “Human Errors” puts you in the role of a contractor assigned to trouble-shoot an experimental device embedded in its human users. And, well… Let’s just say that the title gives a pretty good clue of what you’re in for.

Look for it on May 15th! (Or, if you’re a subscriber to our Patreon, you can see it today!)

We’ll also feature an interview with Katherine on May 22nd.

On May 8th (next week!), we’ll have a new post in Bruno Dias’s “Making Interactive Fiction” series. This month, Bruno will talk about the concept of generative writing.

And May is one of those five-Tuesdays months, so we’re pleased to offer more bang for your metaphysical buck with a bonus feature! And what a bonus it is—Anya Johanna DeNiro will make a triumphant return to our digital pages with a discussion on interactive poetry.


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