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Released: 2018-11-20

Duration: 10 minutes

Ocean’s Call

Story by Jac Colvin
Special Thanks Special thanks to Oliver “Bugreporter” Stevenson-Hoare for beta testing this game, and Malebranche for developing the CS Fade & Color Mod.

The ocean calls… Will you answer?

There are secrets to be found beneath the water’s glassy surface if you know where to look. But perhaps some things are best left hidden.


Jac Colvin enjoys writing interactive fiction in the fantasy genre and this is her second story to be published with Sub-Q. (The first being “Lost Ones.”) She has also written two gamebooks for Hosted Games, with a 3rd due to be published next year. When not underwater, she can be sometimes be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jacicgamebooks/

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