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2018-01-09 · by Stewart C Baker
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It’s Tuesday again!



And whatever that may mean for you, for us at sub-Q it means another week of updates to report on.

Coming Next Week

The Tunnel by Natalia Theodoridou cover sub-QWe’ve been busy working on our January story, Natalia Theodoridou‘s “All Those Parties We Never Cried At.”

As always, Natalia brings a lot of oomph to her storytelling in a short space, and we think you’ll enjoy this compellingly strange take on loss and emotion.

Check in with us this time next week and try it for yourself! (Want something to do in the meantime? Why not try out Natalia’s previous sub-Q offering: “The Tunnel”)

Open Staff Positions

sub-Q is looking for a few good people to help us deliver excellent interactive fiction to the screens of our readers.

Do you have a passion for games?  A passion for stories?  Are you well-organised or at least reasonably able to fake it? sub-Q would love to have you!

What are we looking for in particular?

Editor – This staff member will join our editorial team, helping us review and prepare submitted stories for publication.

Outreach/Marketing Coordinator – This staff member will manage our social media channels, and handle outreach to various communities.

Fundraising Coordinator – This staff member will take the lead in revitalising our Patreon page, coordinate our subscriber benefits, and more.

You can scope out the details about each position on our “Positions” page, which also includes instructions for putting yourself forward as a candidate. Applications will be reviewed as they come in, so come put your name in the hat!

(Note: all positions at sub-Q are volunteer positions, and unpaid. Trust us, we’re as disappointed about that as you are.)

Discord Chat

Did you ever run through one of the stories in sub-Q and wish you had a place to go to share how it moved you? How it opened your mind to new possibilities of storytelling?

Did you ever find a nifty IF-like thing out in the real world, and wish you had somewhere to talk about it?

Well, now you have a place to do all that (and more!) that isn’t blue and bird-shaped.  That’s right: sub-Q is opening up its Discord server to all our readers.

Want to stop by and say hi?  Here’s an invite.

(If Discord isn’t your thing, you can always sign up for our newsletter, which–in most cases–goes out monthly.)

Tripladin Massacre, by Melanie Rees

That’s it from sub-Q this week!  If you haven’t yet, you can check out last month’s story, Melanie Rees’s “Tripladin Massacre,” or read our wrap-up of 2017, published last week.

See you next time, and be kind to each other out there!


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