Salt by Gareth Damian Martin

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Released: 2018-02-20

Duration: 15 minutes


Story by Gareth Damian Martin
Art by Gareth Damian Martin
Sound by Paws Menu

A game about swimming, thinking and the distant possibility of escape.

The beach is a strip of heat. You stand knee deep in the water, facing out to sea. Familiar voices shimmer behind your head. You take a breath, and then begin.


Gareth Damian Martin is a writer, game designer and artist. He is studying for a PhD in experimental literature and is currently developing a game about Xenobiology and alien oceans called In Other Waters.

Michael Berto (a.k.a Paws Menu) is an Australia-based musician, writer and artist. He has a dog named Laika and has a deep obsession with Passionfruit.

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