A Second Changing of the Guard: Welcome Editor-In-Chief Kerstin Hall

2017-10-20 · by Tory Hoke
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Hello, sub-Q readers. While transitions continue at sub-Q, our whole staff remains committed to regularly publishing and promoting interactive fiction.
That’s why I hope you will join me in welcoming Kerstin Hall as sub-Q’s new editor-in-chief.
Kerstin joined sub-Q in its first few months and, as fiction editor and interviewer, has been vital to its success. Her talent, commitment, and breadth of experience position her well to take sub-Q to new audiences, new authors, and new fiction experiences.
I will indeed remain a part of the magazine in a managerial role–to meet needs in accounting, tech support, and cover art.
Thank you, all of you, so much, for your support these past years. Here’s to years more. The best is yet to be.
Let’s really, really keep this beautiful thing going.
Be well,
Tory Hoke
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