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2015-08-13 · by sub-Q
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Software Behind sub-Q photo by Tim152

(Photo by Tim152)

You may be familiar with online magazines. You may have noticed the software behind sub-Q is a little different. It seemed only right that interactive fiction should have an interactive magazine.

sub-Q includes features that

  • Facilitate interactions between readers and authors/artists/developers
  • Keep track of these where possible
  • Offer high-fives for them
  • Try to make the whole experience as aesthetic and sleek as NetFlix. TRY.
  • Maybe be a little charming

Pulling that off took some doing. How we did it might be of interest to anyone else trying to do the same.

For Premium members, our detailed list of site software (as of this writing) is below the jump.

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Hope this helps! We look forward to seeing what you do.

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