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2016-01-01 · by Tory Hoke
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sub-Q New Year's Eve party clock resolutions 2016
Le roi est mort. Vive, vive le roi!
sub-Q survived the year! Thanks to the kind support–financial, social, and downright emotional–of readers like you, we’ve got the traction to keep going in 2016.
To ensure our survival, we’re tightening our focus, adding ways to support us, and structuring our rewards for supporters. What does this mean? Brace yourself:

Semi-weekly Publication Schedule

Instead of publishing interactive fiction or poetry every Tuesday (four times a month), we’re reducing to a semi-weekly schedule of every other Tuesday (twice a month.)
The benefits of going semi-weekly include:
  •  Matching our rate of submissions, which historically gives us about two acceptable stories per month…
  • …Thus being able to schedule stories more than a month in advance
  • Eliminating adaptations of public domain work which consume staff time but don’t excite readers
  • Maintaining a regular publication schedule for SFWA-qualification
Should the queue grow, we can grow with it. Until then, we’ll follow the flow, not fight it.

New Support Options

1) Patreon

You asked; we listened. We’re now on Patreon! Put us on your list and make us part of what works for you. We’ll work for you, too.
Patreon logo

2) Annual subscriptions

Rather be charged once a year than once a month? You got it. Support us by PayPal or credit card, as always.
sub-Q user badge premium

Structured Rewards

We promised supporters sneak peeks and other special features, but we’ve come up with fewer ideas for those special features than we like–and we never loved shutting our casual readers out of the fun. While we’ll still reward supporters with assorted goodies where we can, we’re adding something more reliable that’s separate from sub-Q‘s content.
Starting this month, one random subscriber OR Patreon patron per month will receive their choice of
  • 2 hours of editing–prose or copy,
  • 2 hours of cartoon or graphic design work, OR
  • 1 hour of interactive fiction tech support
We’ll pick each month’s winner on the last day of the month, and fulfill the service within the following month.
Win the reward but don’t need it? Say the word and we’ll draw another name from the hat.
Hope this helps and makes sense. Here’s to another year of subcutaneous fiction!
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