Table of Contents – October, 2018

2018-10-02 · by Stewart C Baker
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Up here in the northern hemisphere, October heralds the onset of fall—shorter days, longer nights, a crisp coldness to the air that speaks of the coming of winter.

One of the reasons I like fall so much is the reaction that gathering dark pulls out of people. There’s a tendency to gather, to light fires, to celebrate life as a way of pushing back against the gloom. A tendency to push toward some kind of action that lets the world know you’re still here, still fighting.

That’s a message I think is very useful in times like ours, and this month’s game—”Queers in Love at the End of the World,” by Anna Anthropy—explores similar themes in a very tight space. The end of the world is 10 seconds away: how will you spend those last precious moments of time?

So here’s this month’s table of contents:

October 9th: Bruno Dias brings us his Making Interactive Fiction column, this time with a focus on bottle-necks and branching.

October 16th: Our game of the month, “Queers in Love at the End of the World” by Anna Anthropy.

October 23rd: Our monthly author interview, featuring Anna Anthropy and editor Natalia Theodoridou.


(P.S. We also hope to have a special announcement ready to go some time this month, so stay tuned for that!)

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