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2018-09-04 · by Stewart C Baker
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When I was a kid, there was little I liked more than reading—unless maybe it was computer games.

So the first time I saw a Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) book in my school’s library, I was excited. It was like the best of both worlds! I got to be in control of the characters, just like in a computer game, but I also got the engrossing word-joy of reading. Plus I could carry it with me and jump in whenever (it was a few years before Game Boy was a thing).

What wasn’t to like? I checked it out on the spot, took it home, and cracked it open, eager to dive in.

And then I died on page 2. And then I died on page 26. And then…  Well, you get the picture. And if you’ve ever played a CYOA book, you’re probably not surprised.

Whether or not you have any idea what I’m talking about here, you’re in for a special treat this month, with an adaptation of “Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station | Hours Since the Last Patient Death: 0” by Nebula- and Hugo-nominated author Caroline M. Yoachim (whose initials oh-so-coincidentally have the letters CYOA in them in that order).

“Welcome” puts you straight into the story—even if it doesn’t put U into the story—and, well…  It just has to be experienced, really. Anything I can say would just cheapen it.


Here’s what else we have for you this month:

September 11th: Our regular column from Bruno Dias, this month about recognizing and adapting ideas from other genres to interactive fiction.

September 18th: Our game of the month, “Welcome to the Medical Clinic at the Interplanetary Relay Station | Hours Since the Last Patient Death: 0.” (Don’t want to wait? Patreon subscribers get early access to our games. Sign up for our Patreon.)

September 25th: An author interview with Caroline M. Yoachim.

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