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Released: 2016-02-16

Duration: 10 minutes

The Space Under the Window

Story by Andrew Plotkin

The window is closed.

A small interactive environment.


Andrew Plotkin has been working on interactive fiction and narrative games for an awfully long time. He is currently concentrating on mobile story games and IF tools. Updates appear on his blog and Twitter.

[] FAQ (may contain spoilers)

Verbs such as "take", "drop", "open", and "examine" are not relevant in this work. They will not be understood. Instead, your part is to type the names of objects (or attributes or aspects of objects) that you see in the narrative. When you refer to an object, it will be brought into greater prominence, changing the course of the narrative thread. Or it might be reduced to lesser stature, or removed entirely. You'll have to experiment. Typing the same name second time may cancel the effect of the first time, or the effect may be cumulative. The order in which you type names may or may not be important.

This story performs best on a desktop in a modern browser (current Chrome or Firefox, IE 9+, Safari 5.1+, Opera 12.1+) with JavaScript enabled.
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