A Thousand Thanks for Five Years of sub-Q

2020-06-09 · by Tory Hoke
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As Stewart has explained, sub-Q is going on indefinite hiatus after our August 2020 issue. I hope the magazine can return in the not-too-distant future, and I hope it can find the same world of readers, creators, and supporters it was fortunate enough to find the first time. In the meantime, there are so many people I owe a debt of thanks.

To Stewart Baker, who brought together more authors, readers, and supporters than I could have dreamed, thank you. Your ideas and energy brought sub-Q to the next level of polish, creativity, and engagement. I am in awe of what you built sub-Q to be.

To Devi Acharya, whose Inky Path inspired sub-Q into being, and whose passion and talent fostered sub-Q even before the first issue was released, thank you. I can’t wait to see what you create next.

To Natalia Theodoridou, whose work it is as much of a pleasure to read as it is to publish, thank you. I am so grateful for your willingness to help grow sub-Q into its next phase. I hope that phase is yet to be. In the meantime, count me another loyal reader.

To our other editors and first readers, thank you for your work these past five years. It moves me that you volunteered so much time and skill to keep sub-Q in steady supply of quality content.

To our creators, thank you for giving sub-Q the chance to publish your work. Every issue has been a delight.

To our subscribers, thank you for your kind and generous support. It’s because of you we made it this far.

It has been an honor to be on this team.

If you’re reading this, you too played a part in sub-Q‘s success. Thank you. None of what you see here would have been possible without you.

More information will follow as we conclude publication. For now, all I have to offer is thanks.

Take care, and write on.

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