Underwater Memories by Monica Valentinelli

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Released: 2020-01-31

Duration: 10 minutes

Underwater Memories

Story by Monica Valentinelli
Sound by various artists, remixed by Monica Valentinelli (see credits page in-game for details)
Interactivity by sub-Q
Special Thanks Mighty thanks are in order for Stewart C Baker, whose enthusiasm for this medium knows no limits.

Some memories hurt. Others heal.

A swimmer struggles to regain their memories while investigating their predicament underwater.


Monica Valentinelli is an author and narrative designer. An industry veteran with almost twenty years’ experience, Monica has worked on dozens of hobby games and has told numerous stories for tabletop RPGs and supplements, card games, interactive fiction (or LitRPGs), miniature games, mobile games, and more. Find out more at booksofm.com.

[] FAQ (may contain spoilers)

"Underwater Memories" is designed to be played slowly. It is strongly recommended that you use headphones for the full audio experience during game play. While "Underwater Memories" is a nonviolent mystery game, it does resonate with themes of loss that may be upsetting to some players. For this reason, the game has been rated "Mature". (Cover photo by Berend de Kort from Pexels.)

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