Welcome New Staff: Editor Nicole Delcore, First Readers Gail Marsella and Blaize Kaye

2016-10-18 · by Tory Hoke
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I’m delighted to welcome aboard our new editor, Nicole Delcore, and our new first readers, Gail Marsella and Blaize Kaye.

Nicole is a student and poet pursuing a degree in English at Tufts University. Her interests include playgrounds, dogs, and dyeing her hair unnatural colors.

She joined sub-Q a year ago as a first reader, and I’m grateful for her many hours of service helping choose stories for publication. As editor, she will join our editor rotation to make final selections, prepare contracts, and galley the completed work.

It takes an editor about five hours to pilot a submission to publication. Nicole takes up the commitment alongside Devi, Kerstin, and PJ to bring sub-Q‘s readers their biweekly dose of IF.

In addition, Gail Marsella and Blaize Kaye join us as a first readers.

Gail teaches chemistry at the college level and writes SF on the side.

Blaize lives in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, with his wife, kid, and cat. He spends most of his free time thinking about books and computers.

As first readers, they join Slush Master Stewart Baker and tackle a commitment of two hours a week to read and vet stories fresh from the queue.

These additions to our staff help strengthen and protect sub-Q‘s anonymous submissions process.

Interested in giving Nicole, Gail, and Blaize something new to read? Read our submissions guidelines and submit!

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