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Thinking about submitting, but not sure if we’re right for you? Find out what people are saying about sub-Q.

What We Do


  • Pay professional rates for prose and interactivity
  • Package your work with cover art for maximum appeal
  • Promote your work—past, present, and future—on Twitter and Facebook
  • Encourage readers to applaud you—reviews? social media? monetary support?—whatever ways you decide.


What Our Authors Are Saying About Us


Andrea Corbin bio photo sub-Q magazine

Andrea Corbin, author of SILVER & GOLD

Presentation of work:
Promotion of work:
Promptness of payment:

“It was really easy to work with sub-Q. I loved how (and how much!) they promoted my piece, and it looked great. My glee at SILVER & GOLD being tagged “stylish” was easily matched by how pleased I was at the presentation of the pieces, and how slick the entire site is.”

Bruno Dias bio photo sub-Q magazine

Bruno Dias, author of PROSPERO (Coming 9/15)

Presentation of work:
Promotion of work:
Promptness of payment:

sub-Q’s editorial team does a very good job of spotting issues and helping refine a piece, while maintaining respect for the author’s vision with the project. I would happily submit work for sub-Q again, and I’d also strongly recommend it to IF authors considering it as a venue for their work. Making any money at all from IF was not on my radar at all this year, and sub-Q proved me wrong on that count with terrifying swiftness.”

Natalia Theodoridou bio photo sub-Q

Natalia Theodoridou, author of SLEEPLESS

Presentation of work:
Promotion of work:
Promptness of payment:

“Working with the sub-Q crew was inspiring, which, for me, is the best thing an editor can be. Tory is amazing in cheering people on while pushing them to go further and do the best work possible. I honestly can’t think of anything that could have been done differently—just stay this friendly, communicative and professional.”


What Other People Are Saying About Us…


“sub-Q is a cool, ambitious new ‘interactive magazine’… [W]e’re super happy to see a venue devoted to IF in this way, and hope to see it succeed.”
Leigh Alexander, Offworld

“If you are interested in IF … you should be paying attention to sub-Q. [A]n ambitious venture … I’d like to see it continue.”
Emily Short

“Nice people, interesting stuff.”
P.D.R. Lindsay, writer

“[A]n opportunity to find out just what interactive fiction is.”
Julia August, F/SF writer


…And About Our Stories


“[B]eautiful universe, tenderly realised. A real pleasure to play.”
Flynn on “The Compass Rose” by Yoon Ha Lee with Peter Berman

“[A] formally daring piece.”
Emily Short on “Silver & Gold” by Andrea Corbin (reprint; previous full review)

“Fun and atmospheric.”
Julia August, F/SF author, on “Snake Game” by Vajra Chandrasekera



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