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Released: 2016-10-11

Duration: 15 minutes

Which Passover Plague Are You?

Story by Veve Jaffa
Art by Veve Jaffa
Sound by Hal “HeavyViper” Binderman
Special Thanks Yifat Gadot, Joslin Emet, the love and support of Peardrum

Times are a-changin', and you're about to change with them.

Complete a cosmic quiz with God so he may transform you into a vessel for his revenge.


Veve Jaffa is creative director at award-winning transmedia games studio Peardrum, producing interactive installations and playful art experiences exhibited around the world. Specializing in narrative design, FMV games, and VR experiences, Veve’s work focuses on resurrecting and repurposing old and forgotten media as a basis for technical and emotional experimentation.

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Created by Veve Jaffa with the love and support of Peardrum and the Hebrew chiptune stylings of Hal “HeavyViper” Binderman.

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