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Released: 2017-04-25

Duration: 10 minutes

After the Giant’s War

Story by Emily McCosh
Art by David Demaret
Sound by Epic Score

The war is over, and there are lost things to be found.

A wife will find the husband the stone-metal giants took from her, even if it means sharing the heart beating in her own chest.


Emily McCosh is a writer, daydreamer and sarcasm addict whose stories are published or forthcoming in Galaxy’s Edge, Daily Science Fiction, Nature Futures, AE, and Abyss & Apex. She is also a graphic design nerd and wrangler of her two insane dogs. Find her online as @wordweaveremily or at oceansinthesky.com.

David Demaret is a freelance illustrator and concept-artist living in Paris, France. He’s available for illustrations for: book covers, board games, concept art, or whatever you need! He specializes in sci-fi and Heroic-fantasy art, and has worked on several famous video games. Find his website at daviddemaret.daportfolio.com and his DeviantArt page at moonxels.deviantart.com.

Epic Score is a Los Angeles-based music production company owned by Gabriel Shadid that concentrates on producing music geared towards trailers. Since its launch in 2006, Epic Score’s music has been licensed into many film trailers, game trailers, television themes, network promos, inside games and more. Find their website at epicscore.com.

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