Scripting Diplomacy

April 1st, 2019
Story by Holly Heisey
Art by Holly Heisey

I live, therefore I script.
The Invader by Elizabeth Smyth

The Invader

April 1st, 2019
Story by Elizabeth Smyth

A true story about something you saw in the dark.
Pretend You Love Each Other, by Olivia C Dunlap

Pretend You Love Each Other

February 1st, 2019
Story by Olivia C. Dunlap

To win the game, a pair of space mercs have to act married.
Human Errors by Katherine Morayati

Human Errors

May 15th, 2018
Story by Katherine Morayati

The greatest threat to any system is its users.

April 2018 – Table of Contents

April 3rd, 2018 by

Perhaps it’s just my upbringing in England and current residence in Oregon, but I’ve always associated Spring with rain. Another thing that’s associated with Spring in some folklore traditions are certain types of fairy. In pre-Roman Spain, for instance, the Cantabrian people believed that on the night of the Spring Equinox, small female fairies called […]


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After the Giant’s War

April 25th, 2017
Story by Emily McCosh
Art by David Demaret
Sound by Epic Score

The war is over, and there are lost things to be found.
stone by Penny Stirling cover sub-Q


April 12th, 2016
Story by Penny Stirling

Can calcific amatonormativity be cured?
Heretic Dreams Hannah Powell-Smith

Heretic Dreams

March 29th, 2016
Story by Hannah Powell-Smith

They would call what you did heresy.
Cat Manning's cat interview sub-Q

Author Interview: Cat Manning

January 21st, 2016 by

Cat Manning is a writer and editor primarily based in Los Angeles. Her interests include interactive fiction, translation, speculative fiction, and she is one dissertation away from receiving her Ph.D. in English Literature. She can be found on Twitter and on WordPress. She is the author of this week’s story, Invasion. This interview was conducted via […]


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Caleb Wilson

Author Interview: Caleb Wilson

December 19th, 2015 by

Caleb Wilson’s non-­interactive stories have appeared in Weird Tales, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet. He has also written interactive fiction including HOLY ROBOT EMPIRE, Starry Seeksorrow, and Six Gray Rats Crawl Up The Pillow. He can be found online at Tumblr and Twitter. He and his wife live in Illinois. He is […]


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Author Interview: anna anthropy

October 8th, 2015 by

anna anthropy is a 30-year-old teen witch. She is a play designer, author of Rise of the Videogame Zinesters and ZZT, and maintains the game history archive ANNARCHIVE.COM. She lives in Oakland, California with her familiar, a black cat named Encyclopedia Frown. This interview was conducted by email in September 2015.     Devi Acharya: […]


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Michael Lutz author interview sub-Q

Author Interview: Michael Lutz

October 1st, 2015 by

Michael Lutz is a game designer, interactive fiction author, and PhD candidate in Renaissance studies. His interactive fiction, including The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo and My Father’s Long, Long Legs has been featured on Kotaku, Polygon, The Verge, Wired, and Paste. This interview was conducted by email in October 2014, with additional discussion in […]


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sub-Q Developer Interview Chris Klimas

Developer Interview: Chris Klimas

August 20th, 2015 by

Chris Klimas is a web developer, writer, and game designer in Baltimore, Maryland. He created Twine in 2009 and has spent the past two years as the project lead on the Twine 2.0 release series. This interview was conducted by email in July 2015.     Tory Hoke: How many hours a week do you […]



Twine logo

A Barbarian at the Gate: 5 Ways to Protect Twine’s Village from the Coming Invasion

June 1st, 2015 by

(This article originally appeared at Storycade on October 7, 2014) I’m not the most curious pup in the litter. When Michael Lutz’s “My Father’s Long, Long Legs” hit MetaFilter last November and scorched my brain stem, I assumed it was the thousand-hour effort of a lone HTML5 gunman.



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