Category: Audio


2019-07-31 · 15 minutes

Story: Nin Harris

In Mazes, as with the Art of War, there is always a choice.

A member of the Yroi insurrection enters a mazed garden before the War begins.

10+ min - Milli / Sci-Fi


2018-02-20 · 15 minutes

Story: Gareth Damian Martin
Art: Gareth Damian Martin
Sound: Paws Menu

A game about swimming, thinking and the distant possibility of escape.

The beach is a strip of heat. You stand knee deep in the water, facing out to sea. Familiar voices shimmer behind your head. You take a breath, and then begin.

10+ min - Milli / All Ages / Horror / Multiple / Text-Based


2018-01-16 · 5 minutes

Story: Natalia Theodoridou

Remember when we could cry at every little thing?

When we were younger, before the drought, we used to play a game in which you had 30 seconds to cry. The loser lived happily ever after.

05+ min - Micro / Mature / Single / Text-Based


2017-04-25 · 10 minutes

Story: Emily McCosh
Art: David Demaret
Sound: Epic Score

The war is over, and there are lost things to be found.

A wife will find the husband the stone-metal giants took from her, even if it means sharing the heart beating in her own chest.

10+ min - Milli / All Ages / Fantasy / Playable / Sci-Fi / Text-Based


2016-12-06 · 10 minutes

Story: Natalia Theodoridou

She will never lie to you.

A young couple on a train journey across Europe enter a tunnel that is much longer than they thought.

10+ min - Milli / Fantasy / Horror / Mature / Multiple


2016-10-11 · 15 minutes

Story: Veve Jaffa
Art: Veve Jaffa
Sound: Hal “HeavyViper” Binderman

Times are a-changin', and you're about to change with them.

Complete a cosmic quiz with God so he may transform you into a vessel for his revenge.

10+ min - Milli / Fantasy / Mature / Multiple


2015-10-13 · 12 minutes

Story: Gertrude Atherton
Art: Elena Distefano, interiors by Tory Hoke
Interactivity: sub-Q

Some souls can't be separated.

When his friend vanishes during a hunting trip, a young man tracks him down through their unusual connection.

10+ min - Milli / Horror / Sequential Art / Single / Text-Based


2015-10-20 · 8 minutes

Story: Chandler Groover

Scratch, scratch.

Alone in his cabin, a hungry man eats something he shouldn't.

05+ min - Micro / Horror / Single / Text-Based


2015-09-01 · 8 minutes

Story: Natalia Theodoridou
Interactivity: Natalia Theodoridou

What happens to dreams if no one sleeps?

Humans have stopped sleeping. In nightclubs, helplines, and 24/7 diners, people look for a way to dream.

05+ min - Micro / Multiple / Sci-Fi / Text-Based


2015-09-22 · 8 minutes

Story: Chikodili Emelumadu
Art: Onyinye Iwu
Interactivity: Tory Hoke

She finds you, and she won’t let go.

Two women hire a private investigator to trail their erring husbands.

05+ min - Micro / Fantasy / Horror / Mature / Single / Text-Based


2015-09-29 · 7 minutes

Story: Michael Lutz
Art: Cover photo by Jessamyn West. Used with permission.
Interactivity: Michael Lutz

A tall tale.

A young girl's father starts digging in the basement... and never stops.

05+ min - Micro / All Ages / Horror / Single / Text-Based


2015-08-04 · 18 minutes

Story: Vajra Chandrasekera
Interactivity: Tory Hoke

Choose your own ghosts.

A deserting soldier returns home to find a war he can't escape.

10+ min - Milli / Fantasy / Mature / Single / Text-Based


2015-08-11 · 20 minutes

Story: Porpentine Charity Heartscape
Art: Brenda Neotenomie
Sound: Brenda Neotenomie

Hold your name like oxygen in your lungs.

A drifter with a number on her wrist descends into a massive neon structure.

10+ min - Milli / Sci-Fi / Single / Text-Based / TW