Announcing sub-Q 1.1.0

2015-10-14 · by Tory Hoke
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UPDATE: 2015/10/14 11:00 AM – If ever anything looks weird on the site, refresh the page with your browser! (Via F5 or “Refresh” button.)

Typically I roll out small features on the sneak, but the latest stuff is significant enough to get out in the open.

On sub-Q’s playable posts (our stories), find these modifications:

  • No more back button (redundant to browser/device)
  • Swapped positions of banner links to applause and story detailssub-Q-1-1-0_screenshot-banner
  • Changed story details icon from a confusing “Q” to more meaningful question mark
  • Changed behavior of story details link so that it now opens a summary pop-up with a link to details page (thanks to suggestion from Porpentine)sub-Q-1-1-0_screenshot
  • Standardized and narrowed applause and details popups so they fit a vertical mobile viewport


Throughout the site, enjoy:

  • A streamlined┬áheader
  • Automatic redirecting to story outside of iframe for readers visiting from iOS devices (which don’t play well with dynamic iframes), plus redirecting to details page (with open applause pop-up) when applauding from a story

Coming soon:

  • A way to give loot you’ve found to other people
  • A way to redeem a completed set of loot for something neat. Soon. Very soon.
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