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2015-10-14 · by Kerstin
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The publishing industry is shrouded in secrecy and darkness, operating in unfathomable ways never to be understood by mortal minds. Perhaps you, dear reader, have yourself wondered what goes on behind the impenetrable fortress walls of “Submittable” or “Moksha.” Or why no one has responded to your lovingly prepared sacrificial offering, when indeed the Great Ones have accepted another story that, really, wasn’t half as nice as yours, in your humblest and most contrite of opinions. Or perhaps you would like to know the truth about the existence of the rumoured robot army operating in our midst.

What if I told you there was a way to find answers to your questions?

sub-Q is hiring.

Do not panic, gentle and dubious reader. Some heroes were made for greatness and others get it liberally thrust upon them, provided that they show a teeny bit of enthusiasm and send a CV.

I was like you once…

*Mists of flashbacks drift across the screen. Everything takes on a sepia tint.*

June, 2015

Long ago, when I was young and bright and naïve, I stumbled across sub-Q via The Grinder.

“$0.09 a word!” I gasped. “What is this lunacy? Also, what a very clever name.”

Drawn in by wordplay and the prospect of actual monies, I snooped around the website and discovered, lo and behold, they were looking for slush readers and editors. And then I thought, hey, that could be interesting.

Immediately, the doubt demon struck.

“Erm… You have no experience.”

“Back, foul and profane creature!” I parried his blow. “I hath edited a student arts blog and stuff! Begone!”

“Yeah, but like, this is totally going to take up time. And you live on the wrong continent.”

“I hath time! I hath commitment! I hath internets!”

“And you don’t get paid.”

I smote the malodorous demon. “Thou shalt not sway me with your talk of rank currency! Besides, the worst they can do is say ‘no.’”

And so that’s how I joined sub-Q.

*Mists roll away*

The Most Eminent and Awesome One (Tory Hoke, the Ed-in-Chief) has decreed that we are in the market for two more editors. Interested? Send a brief CV detailing you writing and/or editing experience, as well as a letter of explaining why you wish to be a part of sub-Q and what you hope to contribute. Email these to Tory (tory at sub-Q dot com) with the subject line “EDITOR QUERY: ” followed by your full name.

Fair thee well, brave reader. I hope to see you on the team soon.

[2015/25/10 EDIT: If you’re interested, please send your info by October 30. And thank you!]

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