August 2019 Issue

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August 1st, 2019 by Stewart C Baker
Intrigue! Witty banter! The promise of danger around every corner!

These things—along with memorable characters and unusual settings—are some of the things that always make me stay up late reading.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the two games in this month’s issue also have these things in common. In Eleanor Hingley’s “A Tragedy of Manners,” you’re thrown into the perilous atmosphere of a dinner party on the private planet of Lord Cephus Alikarn, the brother of the Emprex of the Luminous Empyrean. In “War is a Mazed Garden” by Nin Harris, you must escape from the Governor’s lush—and deadly—garden maze in time to let your fellow insurrectionists inside.

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A person carrying a knife and fork walks along a tightrope while various aliens look on in disgust.
“Peer Pressure” by Laura De Stefani
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“Peer Pressure”

by Laura De Stefani
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Actions, Verbs, and Processes: Games and Being Human

by Sharang Biswas
What is it about doing something that makes a game work? Might actions also be what make us human?
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A List of My Twenty Favorite Works of Interactive Fiction

What makes a piece of interactive fiction stick with you? Anya explores some of the reasons, along with her personal top twenty.
by Anya Johanna DeNiro
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Dialogue and Player Choice

by Bruno Dias
How do you make dialogue meaningful in interactive fiction?
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A Tragedy of Manners

by Eleanor Hingley
Manners cost everything.
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War is a Mazed Garden

by Nin Harris
In Mazes, as with the Art of War, there is always a choice.
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