June 2019 Issue

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June 1st, 2019 by Stewart C Baker
There’s a French term, l’esprit d’escalier (literally “staircase wit”), which refers to the experience of coming up with clever or insightful things to say hours after a conversation. For better or worse, the term perfectly describes many of my own social interactions.

Our games this month both consider a similar theme. In “Dead Lake Crossing,” by Hannah Powell-Smith, you travel across a wasteland at an ancestor’s behest, and “Replay” by Robert Dawson puts you in control of a device that gives you endless do-overs–but at what cost? Our cover, “Not Again!” by Laura de Stefani, portrays another all-too-relatable experience.

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In the background, a person goes home to retrieve an object. Instead of retrieving it, they check their cell phone and leave again. When they get to their destination, they must return home again. This is arranged in a circle that never ends. In the foreground, the same person stands, looking frustrated.
“Not Again!” by Laura De Stefani
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“Not Again!”

by Laura De Stefani
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Dukes & Dumbledore: Truth and Canonicity in Stories

by Sharang Biswas
Statements from authors about their novels and stories can have more of an impact than insights we come by ourselves. But is that true for games, as well?
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Once Upon a Time in the Age of Fable

Are you on a quest? You might be. But then again, maybe not.
by Anya Johanna DeNiro
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Experimenting in IF

by Katherine Morayati
How can you create innovative pieces of interactive fiction? Well, to start with…
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Dead Lake Crossing

by Hannah Powell-Smith
A journey to a dead city.
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by Robert Dawson
The Replayer lets you correct life’s little mistakes, but can it be overused?
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