June 2020 Issue

From the Editor

June 1st, 2020 by Stewart C Baker
This month’s sub-Q contains the third and final part of Sharang Biswas’s “Book of Chroma.”

The Jade Rishi is nearly here–will our priest re-dedicate himself to the spectrum, turn away from it, or take matters into his own hands?

These are rough times we’re living through, and playing “The Book of Chroma” has been a satisfying and reflective experience for me. I hope it has helped all its readers, as well, even if only as a momentary distraction!

As a special treat, we also have an illustration for the game from Laura de Stefani, titled (of course) “that bastard.”

Finally, please read this special announcement about the future of sub-Q. (Short version: we’re going on indefinite hiatus after August 2020.)

Take care of yourselves!


Multicoloured monks stand in rows while meditating, balancing crystals on their heads. One monk, their robes mauve, has picked their crystal up to throw it at the monk next to them, who wears cerulean.
“That Bastard” by Laura De Stefani
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Issue Contents


That Bastard

by Laura De Stefani
[view full size][follow the artist on Twitter]


The Book of Chroma

by Sharang Biswas
(complete in three parts)
[play game][read interview]

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