Jac Colvin

Author Interview: Jac Colvin

March 27th, 2018 by

Jac Colvin is the author of our March game, “Lost Ones,” which will be published on March 15th. Jac enjoys writing interactive fiction in the fantasy genre, and currently has two gamebooks published by Hosted Games with hopefully a few more on the way. Abysm’s Veil is set in the same universe as Lost Ones […]


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Lyreless by Bruno Dias


December 1st, 2015
Story by Bruno Dias

Don’t look back.
Chandler Groover author interview sub-Q bio

Author Interview: Chandler Groover

October 22nd, 2015 by

Chandler Groover is a New York-based author of both novels and interactive fiction. His work includes the novels What Happened at Heath-Cliff Hall and Finnian’s Fiddle, as well as the games Hunting Unicorn and Toby’s Nose. This interview took place by instant messenger on 7 October 2015.   Kerstin Hall: In addition to your interactive fiction, […]


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